Welcome to our website!

We are Harald Adolfsen and Liv Norderval, and we love kayaking - among several other outdoor activities.

Our main goal is to increase the public knowledge about and around sea-kayaking; padling as a recreational activty, an activity for family and friends, as well as manouvering and safety-precautions.

If you woukd like to attend our Basic course (16 hours over 2 days) or Introductory course (3 hours), you're welcome to get in touch with us for dates and places. You may be able to look at our pages "KURS" and "PRISER" to understand the upcoming dates and prices.

You will receive a "Våttkort" with a unique number after attending a course, the number will be registered at the Norwegian Canoe Assosiation.

We do have one precaution at particular if you sign up for a course - and that's te weather. We do live in northern Norway, and on the coast - and the weather is still uncontrollable. During the hollidays, we may be able to delay or alter the dates slightly. If we have to cancel a course and you're not able to attend at other dates, you will receive your money in return.

Any participants will also have to be at least 12 yrs of age along with a parent, at least 16 years of age if participating without parent but with parental permission, and be able to swim.

Our firm Kystpadling.no also rents out kayaks along with necessary equipment for safe paddling. We are also able to offer guided tours. Do not hesitate to get i touch with us if you're interested.

With the "våttkort"-card in hand, you will be able to rent a kayak at a later stage. We do not rent out kayaks if the borrower cannot present a sertificate of some kind , similar to "våttkort". We strongly recomend the Basic course.

We mainly hold our courses on the island Tomma out of the village Nesna in Nordland county. Nesna is sited along the coastroad RV17. The ferry in recently made free of charge from Nesna to the three islands Hugla, Handnesøya and Tomma.

If you attend one of our courses or guided tours, we will provide yoy with the nesessary information of how to get to and stay at the site.

We recomend you to check out havhuset.no for an unusual sleepover at Tomma. Otherwise tomma.no may be able to offer you a cabin.

There are possibilities to tent at the course site.

We want wour participants to respect the nature, som please leave no trace during your stay or during the course/guided tours.

How to get in touch with us:

E-mail: post@kystpadling.no

Phone: +47 950 60 969